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Bankruptcy Scams on the Rise for Distressed Homeowners Facing Foreclosure


As more distressed homeowners seek to save their homes from foreclosure, several are being duped out of thousands of dollars with bankruptcy scams.  Although filing a bankruptcy can stop a foreclosure from happening, this is only a temporary action.  Once the bankruptcy is discharged or dismissed, this makes it easier for the lender to move forward with the foreclosure action.   In addition, a lender does not have any obligation to offer a homeowner a modification after bankruptcy, specifically a Chapter 7.  The latest bankruptcy scam might give homeowners more time in the house but it’s costing them money they could have used to avoid an eviction or relocate before the foreclosure action.   Most lenders are open to do a short sale or deed in-lieu if the window of opportunity isn’t so tight between the foreclosure sale date.

The latest scam is the partial interest bankruptcy scam.  The scam operator asks you to give a partial interest in your home to one or more persons. You then make lower mortgage payments to the scam operator in lieu of paying the delinquent mortgage.  However, the scam operator does not pay the existing mortgage or seek new financing.  Each holder of a partial interest then files bankruptcy, one after another, without your knowledge. The bankruptcy court will issue a “stay” order each time to stop foreclosure temporarily.  However, the stay does not excuse you from making payments or from repaying the full amount of your loan.  This complicates and delays foreclosure, while allowing the scam operator to maintain a stream of income by collecting payments from you, the victim. (Source: FDIC)

The best defense to avoid foreclosure is to get help as soon as possible.  Homeowners that ended up doing short sales from 2009 to 2016 were able to avoid a tax liability on their loan balances after their short sale closed.  Unfortunately, the mortgage debt relief act has not been renewed under the new administration,  so homeowners that are foreclosed on will not be exempt from this tax liability.

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